<![CDATA[Karen McKenzie Art - Blog]]>Sat, 25 May 2024 17:26:51 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[CHRISTMAS 2022]]>Mon, 12 Dec 2022 12:58:16 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/christmas-2022Oh look its nearly Christmas already. I dont know why we get so suprised when suddenly theres only a couple weeks to go....its not as though the date changes every year .
Anyway I feel like Ive been talking about Christmas for the past 3 months.
Im one of those people that like to be organised, thanks mum.
Its been a very hectic few months but glad so many of you are organised too, and Ive been packing and posting off your christmas orders that started coming in early. 
Its been so lovely to feel the support for my growing puzzle range, and rest assured there will be more towns added to the puzzle range next year. Ive got a full painting schedule for the first 6 months of 2023, so Ill be trying to get through some new images that Ive wanted to paint for ages but as most self-employed people know, when you have to do all elements of your business, you never have enough time to do everything.
I do get alot of email and facebook messages requesting certain places. I try to get back to everyone quickly but I know Ive probably missed a few along the way, but rest assured I keep a suggestion list of places people request me to paint.
My images are becoming alot more detailed now, which lends itself to being a fun puzzle, but the time to paint just one place can be at least 1 to 2 weeks of me painting every day. 
People often ask me how the process works to get their town painted, but really it depends on alot of things, like how many times its been requested before, if its already on my schedule , and most importantly Ive found...do I want to paint it??  Ive worked out over the past years, I need to want to paint something or otherwise it doesnt turn out any good lol. I can paint loosely to a brief but if it becomes too tight and controlled I get grumpy, and thats never good for anyone lol.
So I have my suggestion list, along with a booked in list and when I wake up in the morning I often have a clear idea of what I want to paint and a sort of layout that means its time to paint that particular image. Theres no fixed schedule or tight running order of what I have to paint when, but if Ive committed to a business or visitor information centre, they know it will happen, just over a looser timeframe. I know its not ideal, but Ive learnt to just go with what works so I can get the best outcome for everyone.
Anyway thats how it works, I hope people can understand my creative process. I do paint alot and Im full of ideas so you know there will be lots more to come in 2023.
Speaking of which, Wed 21st is the last day you can order from my website and do doorstep collection by from my home in Mailors Flat. Its then time to spend some time with the family and Ill be having abit of down time over the next couple of weeks. There are plenty of stockists listed on my website. they are all terrific small business people that Id love you to support, as they support me.
Ill have some extra stock on hand for stockists over the xmas and January time but will be limited as my awesome Aussie puzzle making elves are having so hard earnt time off for most of January.
​Thats all folks...have a great festive season and thankyou so much for supporting me on my puzzle journey. Ive loved it to pieces....get it ...pieces lol 
<![CDATA[CHRISTMAS/JANUARY]]>Sat, 25 Dec 2021 22:00:02 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/christmasjanuaryHi All,
Just a quick update on our plans for christmas/January.
Our plans changed a few times leading up to christmas, but heres whats happening into January 2022.
Ill be trying to have a bit of down time over January, but having said that its a busy time for us supplying stockists etc so Ill be concentrating on that AND I NEED TO PAINT!. so they'll be new images coming in 2022.
Having said that, more than happy to answer peoples queries so pop me a message if youd like to know more about a product etc via email or through facebook messenger.
Im keeping this website open for orders so you can order online anytime and collect in person via doorstep collection from mailors Flat or postage available around Australia. If you order and choose doorstep collection, Ill pop you a text of address to arrange pickup, generally same day is available. 
Please note the studio is closed to all personal visits and appointments and this is most likely going to be the norm through current covid times. We are trying to stay safe so we can still see our family members so hence the need for doorstep collection only, and for this reason you wont find us at any markets in January. There are good stock levels at stockists though so please support them if youd like to see my jigsaws in person. Apart from that, hope you had a lovely christmas time and look forward to creating new images for 2022. Im excited! cheers, Karen
<![CDATA[Happy Christmas!]]>Mon, 20 Dec 2021 21:53:40 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/xmas-plans-have-changed
Happy Christmas!

<![CDATA[December 19th, 2021]]>Sat, 18 Dec 2021 20:29:56 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/december-19th-2021<![CDATA[Puzzles instock but selling fast]]>Tue, 07 Dec 2021 04:31:33 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/puzzles-instock-but-selling-fastHi 
Quick update re jigsaw puzzles.
I have a good supply of Warrnambool jigsaw puzzles instock in 1000pc. They are available to be bought directly through website with doorstep collection being able to be done from my Mailors Flat studio or postage around Australia. For local orders once your order is placed I will text you with pickup address and for you to contact me the day before you wish to collect so I can have your order ready in the morning before I start my other duties for the day.
Some puzzle designs are starting to get low and wont be restocked before christmas. If you they arent available on my website, I cannot order them in time for christmas now. There are assorted designs and sizes available at Middle Island designs in Warrnambool, Collins Booksellers in Warrnambool, and The Local Place in Koroit. There are a range of smaller sized puzzles at Flagstaff Hill in Warrnambool, Port Fairy Tourist Info Centre and 12 Apostles Kiosk.
I have ordered new stock of the popular Mount Gambier puzzle for Limestone Coast Pantry in Mount Gambier and they are on their way, in  time for Christmas. 
I will update this blog as the puzzle journey continues.
Thanks to all for being so supportive.

<![CDATA[Oodles and Oodles of Puzzles in stock now!]]>Tue, 30 Nov 2021 18:56:38 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/oodles-and-oodles-of-puzzles-in-stock-nowHi Guys
Just a quick update
I now have plenty of jigsaw stock on hand that can be collected from my studio in Mailors Flat.
You can buy online then select the pickup option in the cart or you can pop me a message and arrange a time to come and select your puzzle in person.
Most designs are in stock atm but they go quick so please dont hesitate if your considering a puzzle for Christmas this year. 
Thankyou to everyone who has purchased an item from me this year. Your support has allowed me to keep doing what I love to do. Speaking of to do, I have more places to paint on my to do list so its always worth while checking back in once in a while to see new designs. Quickest way to do this is by jumping on my facebook page to see what I'm up to.
Lastly Id really appreciate a review if you have the time. Its great to hear all feedback, that way I can fix any issues if there is any and smile if I've made you happy.
<![CDATA[NEW PUZZLE STOCK ARRIVING NEXT WEEK!]]>Thu, 18 Nov 2021 00:24:13 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/new-puzzle-stock-arriving-next-week<![CDATA[A mountain of Jigsaws]]>Tue, 12 Oct 2021 05:59:04 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/a-mountain-of-jigsawsSo, Ive just ordered a mountain of jigsaws. The last lot sold out in just about a weekend so batter up, more on the way. You can preorder your jigsaw online today so you know youll be on the list to receive one as soon as they land. The good thing is they are made in Victoria! How cool is that. Its only the best time now to cut down on imported stuff and support our fellow Aussie businesses.
If you need a jigsaw in a hurry and cant wait for one to be made, just pop me a pm via my facebook page and I can let you know if I have a sneaking jigsaw hidden somewhere just for you. Doorstep collection is available from my home studio, so include your contact details when ordering so I can let you know when your eagle has landed. Over and out. Cheers Karen
<![CDATA[Cheerful originals, prints, pendants and more]]>Mon, 30 Aug 2021 06:12:50 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/cheerful-originals-prints-pendants-and-moreMy artwork is inspired by the beautiful area near Warrnambool, Port Fairy and the Great Ocean Road. I couple this wonderful slice of the world with many fond memories of growing up in country South Australia and with my family residing across the border, you"ll also find some SA designs as well.
Using bold and cheerful colours, I depict the natural scenery, smaller towns, and the abundant wildlife of our beautiful country.
Many of my customers say that they can see my joy and personality in each artwork which is the biggest compliment an artist can receive. I love to see the smiles on their faces when they’ve chosen something special to take home with them, or purchasing a gift for a loved one.
A3 prints are also a great way brighten up your space. Or a handmade pendant makes a memorable gift that is small and lightweight so easy to pop in the post.]]>
<![CDATA[Jigsaws selling fast]]>Mon, 30 Aug 2021 06:11:02 GMThttps://karenmckenzieart.com.au/blog/jigsaws-selling-fastNewest kids on the block are my cheerful jigsaw puzzles.
I enjoy painting each jigsaw design then another small regional business produces them as vibrant puzzles that feature many local scenes, such as the Twelve Apostles, dog yoga on the beach and other smaller towns from Lorne to the Adelaide Hills.
Im always adding to my collection of designs so its best to keep an eye on what Im painting by jumping on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KarenMcKenzieArt
With the growing collecting of unique designs available, the hardest part is choosing your favourite.