Rainbow Rose Pendant 3 (38mm)


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Rainbow Rose Pendant – some of Karen’s most popular designs

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The Rose pendants are some of Karen’s most popular designs. Karen creates each pendant by hand, choosing a composition from her collection of rainbow roses photos she found whilst shopping at a local florist. Originally from Columbia, these particular roses were grown white, then the stem was split at the end a number of times, then sat in dye for the rose to naturally draw up the individual colourings.
Once the composition of the rose petals has been chosen, Karen then cuts and handsets each pendant into a high-grade resin. The pendant then goes through a 30-hour curing process of which the first 6 hours are watched over by Karen to make sure no bubbles or imperfections occur during the process.
Each one of these petal pendants are individual and as they are handmade, no two are exactly the same.


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